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Municipality of Nessebar is located in the South-Eastern part of Bulgaria, in Burgas district. The administrative center of the municipality is the city of Nessebar. Because of its historical and cultural value, Nessebar is the only Bulgarian town added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of the oldest towns in Europe, more than 3200 years old, where the millennial history footprints fit harmoniously into the modernity.


Nessebar is in close proximity to the largest Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach. The town is divided into two parts – “New” and “Old” town. Today the old and the new part of the town are connected by a narrow isthmus. Old Nessebar is located on a small peninsula, only 850 m long and 350 m wide.


Nessebar is one of the most dynamic cities in Bulgaria. In 2014, it won the “Fastest Growing City” award, compared to the background of the country’s demographic crisis. The tendency continues to this day and is a result of the consistent policy of the municipal administration towards the young people.

The new part of the city includes hotels, a stadium, a modern center for culture and education (Artium), which is in the heart of the new town.


The Ancient City of Nessebar. Nessebar is called the “Bulgarian Ravenna” because of the numerous churches there. Legend has it that there were over 40 temples here, 15 of them preserved to date, which are also part of a new cultural and historical route called “Spiritual Path”. The medieval temples of Nessebar are open for visitors, they are turned into artistic studios, galleries and chamber halls.

In the Old Town are the Archaeological Museum (founded in 1956), the Ethnographic Museum (housed in a building from the Bulgarian Revival period, built in 1840), the ruins of the ancient city, the fortress walls, the amphitheater that offers an incredible view of the Nessebar Bay and where festivals and concerts take place.


Some of the festivals organized by Nessebar Municipality are: February – “In love with Nessebar” – a weekend of love and wine; June – International Folklore Festival “Nessebar ornament”; June – “Sun, joy, beauty” – International Children’s Festival; June – International festival-competition “Fatherland”; July – “Nessebar – Island of Arts” – International Festival; August 15 – Holiday of the town of Nessebar; August – “Constellations in Nessebar” – International Art Festival; August – National Pop-Rock Fest; September – “Autumn in Nessebar” – Regional Festival; October – “Autumn Passages” – National Fish Festival; October – “I love the Black Sea” – International competition.


Today the old part of the city is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets and numerous shops offering handmade souvenirs – ceramics, knitting, jewelry. 


Nessebar Municipality takes care and focuses efforts on the protection of the cultural heritage on its territory.


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