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The Museum of National History and Archaeology in Constanța is an important cultural institution in Romania, whose exceptional patrimony and scientific prestige have contributed to conferring the national rank and brought it international recognition. It is located in the old part of the city, in the peninsula that in ancient times housed the metropolis of Tomis, along with many heritage buildings, museums, historical and religious monuments, such as: Casino, Mansion Șuțu, the House with lions, Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum, Aquarium , The Roman Mosaic Edifice, The “Genoese” Lighthouse, the Synagogue, the Orthodox Cathedral “The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul”, The “Carol I” Mosque, the Roman Catholic Church “Saint Anton of Padova”.

With a history of over a hundred years, the museum has a rich archaeological, numismatic, and historical heritage consisting of over 430.000 objects, dating from the Paleolithic to the Modern Era. The building in which it is located was built between 1911-1921, with the initial destination of the headquarters of the Administrative Palace (Town Hall). Now three levels of it represent the exhibition space, dedicated largely to the basic exhibition, but also to the numerous temporary exhibitions. The recognition of the historical-archeological value and the uniqueness of the objects from the museum’s patrimony is also revealed by the request of their presence in numerous international and national exhibitions, organized in partnership with similar institutions, among the recent ones mentioning: “Romania’s Treasures” in Beijing (China); ”Ovidio. Amori, miti e altre storie” Rome (Italy); ”Dacia Felix. Romania’s glorious past” in Tongeren (Belgium); “Romania’s ancient gold and silver”.

Important data: created – 1878-1879; museums and fortresses in the territory – Histria Museum Complex, “Tropaeum Traiani” Adamclisi Museum Complex, “Axiopolis” Museum Cernavodă, Capidava Fortress, “Carsium” Museum in Hârșova and the fortress, Ulmetum Fortress, Hellenistic Fortress from Albești, medieval fortified settlement Oltina, Sacidava Fortress; Byzantine fortress Păcuiul lui Soare; library – over 45.000 publications; conservation-restoration laboratory; publications – Pontica Journal (, Annals of Dobruja Journal, Bibliotheca Tomitana collection; organizer Pontica International Session (53 editions,

Along with museum education and archaeological research, the Museum of National History and Archaeology in Constanța also addresses the young public through educational programs, promoting the protection and respect of heritage among it.

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