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The National Museum of History of Moldova is one of the most important museum institutions in the Republic of Moldova, both in terms of its heritage and scientific prestige. Located in the city center, the museum is close to several social and cultural centers such as the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, the National Museum of Art of Moldova, the “Licurici” Puppet Theater, the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac” but also near the Government of the Republic of Moldova, of the Grand National Assembly Square and of the Public Garden.

Founded in 1983, the museum holds in its custody more than 348 000 pieces of heritage, whose diverse typology captures the profile of Moldova over the centuries, from prehistoric eras to the present, attesting human habitat, facts, events, portraits of personalities. Since its establishment until now, MNIM has organized over 660 temporary exhibitions in the country and abroad, focusing on its own collections, as well as on cooperation with other cultural and research institutions. In recent years, the archaeological heritage of the Republic of Moldova has been highlighted in important international exhibitions, organized in partnership with European and overseas museums, such as the exhibition “Cucuteni-Trypillia, Una Grande Civilta dell ‘Antica Europa” at the Vatican, the exhibition “The Lost World of Old Europe. The Danube Valley, 5000-3500 BC” in New York (USA), Oxford (Great Britain) and Athens (Greece), “KRIEG – Eine Archaeologishe Spurensuche”, in Halle (Germany), and “Wisigoths. Rois de Toulouse”, in Toulouse (France). In Romania, the MNIM patrimony was part of important thematic exhibitions in Bucharest, Iași, Suceava, Brăila, Vaslui, Alba Iulia.

Some short data about: created – 1983; surface – 5700 sqm, 12 halls; heritage – more than 348 000 pieces; staff – 125 units; departments and scientific sectors – 9; library – 1 (16,000 publications); restoration laboratories – 7; exhibitions – over 660 (1991 – 2020); publications – Tyragetia Journal; Biblioteca Tyragetia; Tyragetia International ( ); workshops – 6; subordinate museums – 5.

The National Museum of History of Moldova proposes an education program entitled “A different kind of school at the museum”. The main objective of this program is learning through and in the museum, in the context of harnessing mobile national patrimony through different workshops: “The History and Art of Writing”, “Mysteries of prehistoric pottery”, “The Archaeological Object – an Enigma” etc.

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National Museum of History of Moldova

121 A, 31 August 1989 Street, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, MD-2012

Tel. +373 22 24 43 25, Fax: +373 22 24 43 69